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Weekly Meditation

STS aims to provide holistic development to the students not just in the academe but also in the field of religion, culture and social civic. Thus, a weekly sermon, prayer, and offering is done every Wednesday morning to help the students achieve balance in mental, physical, social and spiritual aspect.


Daily Meditation

It is an activity wherein students ease their busy minds and contemplate to regain their energy and focus to continue their activities. This meditation is done in the middle of the day after their lunch break, through this activity they will be able to relax and have a moment of silence.


It is an activity which focuses on the outdoors, survival skills, and real-life situations thus STS aims to develop the students’ skills not only in the four corners of the room but also in their own community and society. It will develop the students’ discipline, social skills and problem-solving in life’s situation.

Chinese Club

This club mainly teaches the students some traditional Chinese culture such as Chinese knot, ancient calligraphy, paper-cut, etc. By learning these traditional cultures, students can understand the Chinese aesthetic concept, aesthetic expression, and consciousness, understand nature, understand life, and deal with the relationship between man and nature as well as man and society wisely.

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