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Project-Based Learning (PBL)

Sunflower Trilingual School implements a project-based learning (PBL) strategy in which the students gain knowledge and skills by actively engaging in real-world and meaningful projects. Through PBL, the teachers make learning come alive for the students – engaging them in solving real-world problems, developing their social minds, applying sufficiency economy philosophy and answering complex questions that may arise. Moreover, PBL leads to further understanding of content knowledge from multiple subject areas as it allows them to apply skills learned to new situations – this promotes deep and long-lasting learning. Seeing a real-world impact gives them a sense of purpose and appreciation in life and their environment.

Each project topic will begin with the students being assigned to collaborative working groups, then the students are presented with a real-world problem that they can relate to. Parameters for completing the project are set. Throughout the duration of the project, the teacher provides input and feedback while guiding the learning of the students. At the end of the project, students will share their findings with the other groups in class and compare their results.

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Grade 1: We Are at STS

The Project-Based Learning for Grade 1, We Are at Sunflower Trilingual School, builds students’ curiosity about school surroundings and also develops their social, and emotional learning skills toward issues around them. It gives them an opportunity to develop critical thinking skills by investigating problems and observing its cause, and applying reasoning to come up with solutions.