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Welcome to

Sunflower Trilingual School

Sunflower Trilingual School (STS) is a private English Program institution based in Samut Sakorn, Thailand that offers education in three languages (Thai, English, and Chinese) from grades one to twelve. Our goal is to foster a learning environment where the students will not only be good citizens who contribute to the peacefulness and prosperity of society, but they will also be successful and happy leaders in all professions in the future. 

Every child is unique. By giving them the chance to learn, experience new activities, and express themselves freely, we stimulate their individual learning ability in order to bring out the best in them. We aim to create a solid foundation for independent learning which will stay with them throughout their entire lives. 

The Sunflower Group consists of Sunflower Kindergarten School and Sunflower Trilingual School. We choose the sunflower as our symbol because, under any circumstances, sunflowers always find their way towards the sun. We hope that children under our care and guidance will emulate sunflowers, and always follow the right path. We hope they will learn and seek out knowledge eagerly, and independently, to ensure bright futures for each and every student of The Sunflower Group.

It is, therefore, our responsibility to initiate, encourage, and challenge their independent learning ability. We will help them to learn and grow into being their best along the way - no matter when or where they are. 


School History

Dr. Chin Chinsettawong has been successful in all his businesses and other ventures. He founded "Chinsettawong Foundation" to manifest his belief that a good citizen should always give back to his country as a form of gratitude.


The underlying objectives of the foundation covered three aspects: religion, health and social services, and education. 


Dr. Kwantip, School Principal, with her passion towards children, pursues Dr. Chin's fundamental mission on education. 


Thus, Sunflower Kindergarten was established in the year 2000 and eventually Sunflower Trilingual School in 2005.

Dr. Chin Chinsettawong
Ms. Achara Chinsettawong
Founder of the Chinsettawong Foundation

Message from the Chairman


We firmly believe that to lead a successful and happy life, there are 3 important ingredients:

  1. Excellent Education

  2. High Morality

  3. Good Mental and Physical Health

The Sunflower Group, under the support of Chinsettawong Foundation has the mission to teach our students how to attain these ingredients. 

Our students will not only be good citizens who contribute to the peacefulness and prosperity of society, but also be successful and happy leaders in all professions in the future.

Our emphasis on teaching Chinese and English languages with the Ministry of Education curriculum uses the most advanced teaching methods. This will prepare our students to be successful in any profession globally. 

Dr. Chin Chinsettawong

Founder of the Chinsettawong Foundation

Chairman of UPC Group and Sunflower Schools Group

Former National Economic and Social Advisory Council Member

Message from the Director


Welcome to Sunflower Trilingual School, the learning community where students are given the opportunity to develop their level of learning and grow to be effective citizens.


Under our school mission we aim to provide a nurturing environment focused on academic discipline, morality, and ethical orientation. We have designed a learning management system that supports a student-centered approach.


All of this has drawn us to our uniqueness that is "Trilingual Education towards ASEAN" with a strong and stable foundation and with every step together in the right direction.

Dr. Kwantip Chinsettawong

School Licensee / Director

  • STS Summer Camp 2022
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