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An Amazing Activity for Amazing Thailand!

A festive ambiance has been in the air at STS all week, and this should come as no surprise: today marked the first thematic learning culminating activity of the 2023 academic year.

To celebrate our first theme, Amazing Thailand, our students did not hold back. The program included spectacular traditional dance numbers from all grade levels, booths filled with delicacies and Thai craft, and a jaw-dropping fashion show intertwined with a folk tale presented by our Grade 10 students.

Guests also had the opportunity of witnessing a wonderful cultural exchange. Visiting Filipino students from Muntinlupa Science High School presented an extraordinary dance number rooted in their own traditions while proudly waving both the Thai and Filipino flags. This was a great experience of international camaraderie for our students.

All academic subjects came together to create grade level projects based on a wide variety of subthemes, ranging from Thai elephants to Thai current affairs (while also including many relevant topics like kites, ceramics, sufficiency economy, OTOP, and more).

The commitment and dedication shown by our students in preparing this activity reaffirms the pride they have in their nation and the strong connection they hold with their Thai identity. We are proud to help them recognize how their learnings can be incorporated in relation with the amazing country they call home.

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