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How STS Students and Teachers Celebrated Their Commitment to Saving the World

On 21 of September, Sunflower Trilingual School hosted the "STS Saves the World" culminating activity. This was a special event that showcased the students' learning and achievements, as well as their contributions to the global challenges of our time.

The STS Saves the World project this year was influenced by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The culminating event was a chance for the students to share their work with their peers, teachers, parents, and guests.

STS Saves the World’s culminating event was a success, thanks to the students and teachers who shared their knowledge, ideas, and experiences. It was also a testament to the school's vision of nurturing global citizens who are aware of their responsibilities and potentials. We hope that this project will inspire more students and teachers to join us in our mission of saving the world.

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