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Journey Across Borders - A Week of Cultural Exchange

Fifteen primary students from The Affiliated Experimental Elementary School at the National Taichung University of Education and their two teachers embarked on a week-long summer camp at Sunflower Trilingual School in Thailand. This program aimed at fostering educational cooperation and cultural exchange between STS and its sister school.

The delegates received a warm welcome from the STS Staff and their host families with a delightful dinner. The crowd also gave them a big cheer as they introduced themselves to the whole STS family on their first day of school.

Throughout the week, the participants experienced Thai student life firsthand by attending academic classes in the morning and engaging in a variety of Thai cultural explorations such as learning Basic Thai Language, Muay Thai, Thai Handicrafts, Thai Dance, Thai Music &Arts, as well as Cooking Thai dessert in the afternoon. These activities target students to gain new insights into education and develop a high sense of cultural awareness and sensitivity.

To gain profound insights into Thailand’s rich history, cherished traditions, and vibrant cultural heritage, participants ventured to renowned tourist destinations in Thailand, including The Grand Palace and Wat Arun. These enlightening excursions were crafted to foster cultural appreciation, global awareness, leisure, and pure enjoyment.

"This week-long summer program is a great opportunity for our primary students to expand their horizons by understanding and immersing themselves in other cultures, “said Miss Rebecca Wu, the program coordinator from Taiwan.

"I am eager to explore Thai education and culture while forming new friendships here. My experience here as a student has been truly remarkable," declared a student from Taichung.

The event concluded with students exchanging their amazing experiences, creating unforgettable memories, and forming lifelong friendships!

To the host families, class buddies, and our sister school, The Affiliated Experimental Elementary School at the National Taichung University of Education, STS is incredibly grateful for your participation and cooperation in making our exchange program a success.

Till our next adventure!

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