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STS Goes Green: A Thrilling Journey!

Get ready for a thrilling adventure as STS Grade 9 students took charge of the "STS Saves the World" campaign! Packed with creativity and a passion for change, our students led the way in promoting environmental goodness through community partnerships.

Their mission? Simple yet powerful: make cool reusable bags, join the "No to Single Use of Plastic" and Helmet Campaigns, and dive into freecycling fun. Our school was buzzing with excitement as Grades 1-12 joined forces, creating a ripple effect of eco-awesomeness.

Guided by awesome teachers like Ms. Dela Torre, Kru Pook, Mr. Luis Simeone D. Pasang, Mr. Daryll C. Muga, Kru Nook and school faculty and staff, our students unleashed their creative genius. From funky bag designs to a trip exploring the best of Samut Sakhon, every moment was an eco-epic! But it doesn't stop there! The ongoing Freecycling Activity is making waves, with our students leading the charge to share and care for our community.

In brief, our Grade 9 rockstars showcased their creativity, commitment, and eco-passion. The event wrapped up with high-fives, smiles, and a mission accomplished. Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures as we continue making STS a greener and cooler place for all!

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