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STS Students Welcomes Taichung Students

On August 21-26, 2023, Sunflower Trilingual School welcomed a delegation of 16 students and three teachers from National Taichung University of Experimental Elementary School. A welcome party was prepared for them at school and some students showcased Thai Dance to show them a glimpse of Thai Culture. The Taiwanese delegates also had their buddies, and host families., they had also immersed themselves in real classroom setting by joining classes in the morning. They joined a Muay Thai session during their stay and had tried this tiring but worth remembering martial arts. All of them were able to experience some Thai culture such as Thai music and dance, had a visit at a local night market and were able to see some animals at Safari World.

The highlight of the event was the friendly basketball match between the STS students and Taiwanese delegates, everyone enjoyed and had shown great sportsmanship and camaraderie. Sunflower Trilingual School is grateful of the moments they have shared with the students, it is a privilege to welcome visitors of different countries, to learn from them and also be able to share Thai culture. Indeed, it was an experience to remember.

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