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Transforming Future Leaders through Central Student Organization at STS

The Student Council is an essential platform for our students to influence the policies and initiatives of our school. They will be able to share their opinions, express their concerns, and make suggestions via this platform, and collaborate with our teachers and management to bring about constructive change.

Students from Grade 1-12 casted their ballot for their new student body. The elections took place within the school premises, 15th of June 2023. We are thrilled to share the outcomes and congratulate the newly elected Student Councillors who will be instrumental in empowering our students and giving them an active role in the success of our school.

President: Pingping (Grade 12)

Vice President: Pond (Grade 11)

Secretary: Jay (Grade 12)

Treasurer: Mobile (Grade 10)

P.I.O: Pancake (Grade 10)

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