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Thematic Learning

In order to keep up with the competitive and fast-paced world of education, STS prides itself on its ability to teach students using multiple learning outlets and 21st-century teaching techniques. One of the cornerstones for STS’s philosophy of education is reached through the use of thematic learning. 

The thematic-approach is an umbrella term for a wide range of educational experiences that relate subject matters to the real-life situation, which facilitate experiential and situated learning bringing personal meaning and direction to the learning process. 

Using a theme-based approach is a meaningful way to personally engage students in the learning process. It connects students’ life experiences, interest, and existing knowledge promote positive attitudes in learners and improve students’ success. 

Thematic learning creates an exciting form of studying. It enables students to perceive the inner connection of all the subjects which is based on integrating a range of information and using it to demonstrate the subject matter of the theme. Thematic learning allows us to update the STS curriculum in line with the fast-changing world. 

Sunflower Trilingual School created four different themes that represent our vision, mission, and values that aim to inspire our students to become well-rounded citizens of Thailand and the global community. 

Amazing Thailand

Our first theme is Amazing Thailand, which was selected so our students could reflect on their own identity and historical culture. Our objective is to instill balance and gratitude towards the future of Thailand.  

  • Arts & Culture -  Thai Manners, Local Tradition, Language, Thai Festival, Thai Arts, and Thai Costume

  • Thai History - Important Events, Generation, Important People, and Follow King's Philosophy

  • Economy & Politics - Currency, Product & Services, Laws, Politics, and Tax

  • Geography and Landmarks - Physical Features, Location, Nationality, Landmarks, Territory, Population, and Minorities 

STS Saves the World

As the year progresses, our theme evolves from the local level to a more global one. STS Saves the World was created so our students will become more aware of the problems that the world is facing today while developing creative solutions and preventive mindset. Students will understand the problems and their impacts from the individual to the global level using the core values of positive thinking and kindness. 

  • Causes - Man-made Activities, Natural Cause

  • Prevention - Conservation, Preservation

  • Effects - Ecosystem, Economy

  • Current Situation - Environmental issues, Global Warming, Pollution, Waste Disposal, Food Waste, Natural Resources Depletion, Clean Energy Technology/Energy Conservation, Urban Sprawl, Extinction (Plants and Animals), Natural Disasters

  • Important Days - Earth Day, Science Day, Turtle Day, Ocean Day

World of Innovation

Still, in the global perspective, the third themes, World of Technology guides our students to the ever-changing and dynamic technological world. Stemming from 21st-century learning, this theme will help our students learn innovative solutions and apply the values of faith, honesty, and sufficiency to everyday problems through technology. 

  • Innovation - Healthcare Advancements, Communication Technology, Engineering & Construction, and Energy Conservation

  • ICT - Social Network, Reliability, Social Responsibility, Multi-Media, Law and Regulation, and Digital 

  • Research - Role of Research, and Key Organization of Innovation Development Innovation for the Future

Borderless World

Our final theme rounds up the year with another global perspective. Borderless World helps the student understand people from different regions of the world with diverse cultural backgrounds. In this theme, students will learn about the unique histories of different countries and utilizing the value of determination and how they work together to establish a common goal of saving the world. 

  • Human Rights - Race, Religion, Culture, Liberty, and Gender

  • International Relations - Silk Road Economic Belt, United Nations, Treaty, Communication, and Economy

  • World History - Famous People, Important Days, and World Events

  • Geography and Landmarks - World Geography and Map Making, Famous Landmarks and Wonders Around the World, Tourist Destinations in Each Country, and Human Geography

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