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Office Services

Temporary Drop-Out

In case of drop-out, parents can submit the request form to the school director for consideration and approval. The tuition fee must be paid to reserve student status. 

Accident Compensation Payment

Parents or students contact the administration section for payment to accident compensation or more information at financial certificate recording the happened accident. 

Tuition Fee and Other Expenses Payment​

1. Due date of Tuition Fee

  • First-semester tuition fee: Assign payment within May 31, every year.

  • Second-semester tuition fee: Assign payment within November 30, every year. 

2. Other Expenses will be payable as detailed in a debit note which issued by the school in advance.


3. Payment procedures are two ways.

  • For cash or cheque, the service is available at administration room, Monday - Friday, 07:30 - 10:00 AM and 3:00 - 4:00 PM.

  • Paying by bank transfer can be made at Kasikorn Bank (Wongwanrobnok Branch), account number 728-2-62887-7 in the name of "Sunflower Trilingual School" also submit bank transfer record to the financial officer. 

Request for Transcripts

Students or parents who require school documents may complete the request form for transcripts at the administration section Monday - Friday, 08:00 AM - 4:30 PM.

1. For the "Poh Por" documents (student's learning report according to fundamental education curriculum):

  • Submit the request form assigned (at least 5 days in advance)

  • Provide 1-inch size photos (depending on the number of documents)

  • Pay the document fees.​

2. For "Poh Por No.7 papers (academic certificate showing current studies):

  • Submit the request form assigned (at least 5 days in advance)

  • Provide 1-inch size photos (depending on the number of documents)

  • Pay the document fees.

3. For an English version of the academic certificate and Transcript:

  • Submit the request form for an English version of the certificate at least 5 days in advance and at least 7 days in advance for an English Transcript.

  • Photocopies of passport

  • Pay the document fees

  • Provide 1-inch size photos (depending on the number of documents)

4. Receiving the certificate

  • The administration section will notify the persons concerned when the documents are ready to collect.

  • The student or parents receiving the certificate must sign for the documents. 

Checking Online Grade

  1. Visit the school website at and then click "EN" at the upper right of the 1st page to change the language.

  2. Click "Contact Us" on the right side of the menu bar > Student Grade Login and then insert student ID number and password as follow:

STUDENT ID NO. : 00999

PASSWORD: Please insert the last 4 digits of ID number or passport of the student.

Resignation and Removal

  1. Parents who want students to resign can submit the request form assigned and Attach 3 photos of the students (3x4 cm size, correct dress regulation, taken less than 6 months) to the administration section. The officer will check for payment in the financial section and return-borrow books in the school library. 

  2. Students may be removed by the school as the following reasons:​

  • Students finish high school.

  • Students finish the grade level and do not register in upper grade as assigned by the school. 

  • Students resign during the semester according to parents' demand and/or resign at the end of the semester.

  • Students are continuously absent for 2 weeks without any reasons and parents ignore school pursuance. The officer then makes the letter to inform the principal to approve student removal and keep information in student records. 

  • Students are considered to remove from the school by proper reasons.

  • Student death.

Student Record Info Changes

The following procedure is used in order to change current student information ​

  1. Please bring photocopies of official government papers that show the student's correct name: surname, ID number and grade level.​

  2. Fill out the Change of Student Information request form provided by Sunflower Trilingual School administration. ​

  3. The school administrator will then alter the student's information on school papers and in the school's administration computer. ​

  4. The relevant education section and teachers will be advised to update the student's information. 

Student ID Card

  • The student ID card is used for showing information and school activities such as borrowing books of the library record, buying food -drinks record, and others. Parents may refill money at administration section that manages information of card using. The school also asks for cooperation from parents. Please remind students to emphasize on keeping ID card from loss. In the case of missing, the school issue a new card which costs 300 Bath. 

  • However, students in grade 1-3 are offered food as school catering. In the case of students who want to eat more than those provided, parents may let the students use ID card like cash card for buying food. Homeroom teachers are responsible for keeping the ID card and allow the students to use if needed. 

Refill ID Card

  • Students may refill money by themselves at the financial section or canteen service during the same time above. 

  • Balance checking is on the receipt given after paying for food every day. The school has a system to control using the ID card. If parents want to limit the daily expenses of students, they can inform the financial officer. Students may keep in mind the ID card is a debit card, should not let it be in debt (indebted card cannot be used for buying food and drinks).

Examination Schedule 

  • Click on "Community" located on the menu bar and dropdown "Exam Schedule".

  • The examination schedule will be ready to be downloaded according to your level. ​

Primary Level:

- Click "download" after your level.

Lower Secondary Level:

- Click "download" after your level.

Upper Secondary Level:

- Click "download" after your level.

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