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Sunflower Trilingual Schools students are not only equipped academically but also possess necessary work and life skills that are beneficial for personal and professional growth. STS designed Clubs for Career to give each student an opportunity to explore and enhance their individual strengths and interests. Our Clubs for Career has different scopes and purposes to cater to each learner’s individuality and variation of preferences.

Clubs for Career aims to help students hone their skills and develop their sense of creativity and imagination, as well as apply the concepts and knowledge they learned. This will help students become well-rounded individuals who are prepared to surpass challenges, not just in their own locality but in the global community.


Inventor Club is designed for students with an interest in computer science. Some of our focal points include computer programming, web design, and network administration. Our goal is to enhance the skills needed in the field through team projects.


In our technician club, students will work with a variety of hand tools to repair and maintain electronic equipment. Students in the Electronics Technician Club learn to create, test, and repair circuits, troubleshoot semiconductors, and use microprocessors. Digital logic and programming are covered, and students gain hands-on experience using testing and diagnostic equipment, such as multimeters. Basic electronics, transformers, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance are common concepts that are covered in the technician club.


Our DIY Club is a platform for students to discover skills and share what they make and do with our STS community. STS blends DIY into the curriculum to help students connect with knowledge and know-how through practical projects. Our DIY club is designed for the students to explore skill-based learning and introduce collaboration into their classrooms. DIY skills represent all the roles which students can initiate in their communities.


Our SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) Club allows students to identify and evaluate new business ideas, write business plans and effectively communicate. Students will also learn how to sell new business concepts, understand basic accounting and financial data and formulate a business strategy for their new ventures. Students will practice communicating to external stakeholders and learn how to lunch new business ventures inside established corporations.

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