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Principal's Message


Welcome to the School of Trilingual Education, the learning community where students are given the opportunity to develop their level of learning and grow to be effective citizens.


Under our school mission, we aim to provide education and nurturing environment, focused on academic discipline, morality, and ethical orientation which we have designed our learning management that supports the student-centered approach.


All of this has drawn us to our uniqueness that is "Trilingual Education towards ASEAN" with strong and stable foundation and with every step together in the right direction.

Dr. Kwantip Chinsettawong

School Licensee / School Director


Mrs. Saowapak Jiraborworn

Deputy Director

Sunflower Trilingual School welcomes all parents and students to our institution where learning is at the center of our ...


Dr. Kwantip Chinsettawong

School Licensee / School Director

Welcome to Sunflower Trilingual School. We would like to sincerely thank you for your trust in us to nurture and to ...


Ms. Shao Limin

Head of Chinese Department

21世纪要求学习者具备“ 4C ”能力,即沟通能力(Communication)合作能力(Collaboration),思辨 ...

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