STS is keen on ensuring students live a well-rounded lifestyle. Our General Club time takes place every Friday at the end of the day. Students have the opportunity to choose from a variety of clubs each semester. The clubs are categorized into five targeted skills; academics, sports, the arts, interests, and social services. We encourage students to engage in a variation of clubs over their time here at STS, this will help them expand their skill set and lead a balanced lifestyle. Each club has its own approach when planning and executing activities. Below you can see all the clubs we have to offer at this time!


Swimming Club


This club is where students can practice further on the lessons they received from their regular swimming courses. Students in this club are given the time to do practical applications of their knowledge on swimming strokes and mechanics.

Football Club


This club will improve students' fundamental Football skills such as dribbling, shooting, controlling the ball, and building endurance. Students will understand the rules of the game while practicing good sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play.

Basketball Club


This club provides opportunities for students to engage further in sports while also giving them the chance to showcase their basketball prowess and experience. It provides a healthy environment where they can learn sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Badminton Club


Promotes understanding of the importance of sports for a healthy lifestyle; to develop self-esteem and self-confidence by sporting their skills and develop fair-play and honesty.

Arts & Music

Visual Arts Club


Visual Arts Club is designed to stimulate students' creativity and imagination. It enables students to communicate what they see, feel and think through the use of color, texture, form, pattern, and different materials and processes. 

Thai Music & Thai Dance


With an emphasis on Thai Music, this club will develop students' cultural understanding of this longstanding art. This will be accomplished through practice and performance.


Thai Dance embraces the beautiful movements and elaborate costumes of Thai Dance as well as working on choreographed routines and understand the history of this wonderful Thai tradition.

Music Club


Music: Promotes artistic integrity through developing students' music skills on a variety of instruments. This club will enrich students' creativity through singing, listening, playing, and reading music.

Glee Club 


Students who are interested in developing their performing arts skills should join Glee Club. Singing, dancing, acting, and theater performance are the foundational skills that are targeted in this club. Speaking workshops, acting lessons, and lip-syncing are used to develop students' self-confidence and English communication skills.

Sweet Tooth/Cooking


Sweet Tooth/Cooking: Hands-up sweet tooth! This club provides an environment for students to socialize and learn cooking skills while being creative.

Academic Clubs

Science Club Primary 


“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow,” Edward Teller. Science Club is intended to foster a creative and scientific mind among each learner, provide career information related to science, and promote an interest in all scientific areas. This will be achieved through experiments, understanding the applications of science in daily life, and simple inventions.

Science Club Secondary: 


This club provides an additional opportunity for students to develop an understanding of science in addition to their course content. This will be achieved by conducting visual programs of scientific interest, improvise and prepare hand-made apparatuses, and organize lectures.

Book Club


Book Club: Dive into a good book, have in-depth conversations about a variety of literary works and develop a love for reading in the Book Club.

D.I.Y Club 


D.I.Y Club: D.I.Y stands for Do It Yourself! This club will spark student’s creativity while they use
different materials to develop crafts and toys.