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Curriculum Overview


Our curriculum is designed to be a rich, meaningful, challenging, thought ­provoking curriculum, which will give students a solid foundation in academic skills and social relations. It is also a concrete curriculum based on basic communication skills – listening and speaking, practical experiences, hands-on learning with a student-centered, natural approach so that students can relate their learning to real-life situations. They will be more confident in using language which can be applied to reading and writing skills or learning grammar more effectively. Our curriculum offers:

  • An international dimension and global perspective.

  • To develop our student's awareness of the world as a set of systems, which undergo constant change.

  • Opportunities for the students to critically investigate their world.

  • To develop moral principles and ethical responsibilities.

  • Emphasize the process of acquiring knowledge, development of concepts and skills of fundamental importance.

  • All students have the opportunity to be fully involved in their learning.

  • The ability to expand according to the needs of the STS community.

English Curriculum Design

At STS, Integrated Language Arts represents the student’s ability to read, write, listen, speak, and research information to facilitate effective communication.

Integrated Language Arts occurs across the curriculum in the English language (reports, presentations, and activities), Science (experiments/lab reports, and activities), Math (problem-solving, and critical thinking), and Health (knowing oneself). 

In addition to learning many different types of writing, they are formally assessed on their writing skills twice a year.  Reading and communication are assessed both formally and informally.  All classrooms provide time on a regular basis for students to read silently and to take part in discussions related to reading and understanding in order to develop reading skills.


The English Language curriculum is designed to provide an active learning experience in which students will recognize, develop, and apply effective skills and creativity through the integration of English learning from Thai MOE standards with lessons based on listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking.  Core substances and standards are:


  1. Language for Communication.

  2. Language and Culture.

  3. Language and other subject groups relationships.

  4. Language, community and world relationships.

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What students are saying

STS-G8.2-13 - Rinyaphat-f+.jpg

Sunflower Trilingual School is my second home. I've been studying here for 8 years - studying here is full of fun! STS always create new experiences for me and develop me in many ways.

Rinyaphat Triratana

Grade 8/2

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