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Grade 3

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Hello Grade 3 students! I am Teacher Jay, your Math teacher. I know you are excited for this school year. For now, you have to review your previous lessons to prepare in this level.

We will start with multiplication. You have to click the link so you can open the website and start doing this challenge activity. Have fun!

Our Seesaw code is CATA ZJOV.

It will expire on June 25, 2020.

Our Seesaw code is CZZU KLXV

It will expire on July 3, 2020.

Hi, Everybody! Welcome to Grade 3. I am really looking forward to seeing you both in the classroom and online with our Seesaw program. Be sure to add your name to our class list.

The code for 3/1 is ZMQX AXDN. (June 18)

The code for 3/2 is IMBE PATW. (June 18)

The code for 3/3 is KVUR TXFN. (June 18)

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