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Grade 4

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Today in Grade 4 we had a *Spooktacular* time making our Halloween Crafts! 👻

Happy Halloween everyone!


T. Sabina

Chenkij Sangsorn

Hello Grade 4 Students!

After you have completed your listening test during class, you will need to prepare for your final EFC presentation.

The instructions are as follows:

- Think about your favorite toy or thing at home.

- Next EFC lesson, you will need to bring that item to school and present about it to the class.

- Speak for about 1 minute or more.

Chenkij Sangsorn

Hi Grade 4!

This week for Weekly Reading, we are going to learn about settings, characters and events in stories.

Please read your chosen reading book at home and answer the questions in your weekly reading notebook.

Happy reading! 📚

Hi Everyone!

For Weekly Writing this week we will be designing our own planets! Wow!

We will need to write:

1. What is the name of your planet? 🪐

2. What animals live on your planet? 🐾

3. What is the weather like on your planet? 🌞🌧☃

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