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Grade 9

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Dear students,

Your midterm exam is coming very soon. With this, please answer the following questions as part of our revision and submit/upload your answer under classwork - TASK 5: Science Revision - Chemical Reaction, Changes and Equations.

Task 5: Science Revision

  • Thanyaboon Boonkoed

    Good day, 9th graders!

    Read the synopsis of our lesson today.


    *Writing and Balancing Chemical Equations

    *Types of Chemical Reactions

  • Thanyaboon Boonkoed

    Good day, students!

    Kindly join using our google classroom codes below for science and STEM classes.

    9/1. Science: zdfqkxz

  • Thanyaboon Boonkoed

    Teacher Elmar
    December 22, 2020 · joined the group.
  • Hello again !

    Please visit your google classroom (35frqep) for the recent assignment on our latest learning unit SC1.3 on Genetics. If, in case, you passed the hardcopy already, do mention it there.

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