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Borderless World Culminating Activity

Our last Thematic Learning experience of the academic year finally got its time to shine!

After 2 months spent expanding their horizons and exploring other cultures during their class integration, our students presented today their Borderless World culminating activity in front of their peers.

Highlights of the performances included a traditional European waltz, a lively South American dance, and a French-Canadian rigadoon. Our performers sure knew how to get the party started!

Our hosts also treated guest speakers to a round of thought-provoking questions that guided their reflections on the topics they have explored all semester. When comparing the world to a book, our students were quick to explain that one cannot understand the story from a single page: it is necessary to read all chapters to truly understand the beautiful mix of cultures that make up our global society.

The event concluded with booths put together by the grade levels assigned to each continent. The ultimate goal was for our pupils to travel to each continent in order to fill their passport with stamps! To do so, they had to taste classic European dishes, take pictures with kangaroos in Australia, and pin the nose on the lion in Africa.

A global citizen is a lifelong learner, and STS will always strive to ignite in our students the passion of learning about all cultures to make the most of the one world they live in.

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