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STS Borderless World Culminating Activity: Going Beyond Borders

Sunflower Trilingual School ends the school year with its last but not the least theme which is Borderless World. On February 13, 2014, the students and teachers showcase their output in the culminating activity. Everyone wore their best attire for their continent, explored some fun and games and answered some mind-blowing activity. There was also presentations and question and answer portion that showed students' learning about their continent. Overall, it was indeed a successful activity. Together, we will bridge the gap and unite as one!

Here were Some of the highlight questions and answers on the culminating activity:

What are the things that you can be proud of in your continent?

Europe is awesome with its food; I love pasta and pizza. I also love their culture because Roman and Greek mythology originated from Europe. Also, it has cool sights, yummy food, pretty views, and lots of history. Thank you!


Asia is famous for its delicious food, I like carrots, a lot of Thai food has carrots. It is very healthy.


Why do you think we should visit your continent?

Africa has rich natural resources. You can also find the largest desert which is the Sahara Desert. The food is also rich and healthy with some herbs and spices.

Oceania is rich with different animals such as Koalas and Kiwis that can’t be found in other continent. The weather is also good and it is filled with people from different ethnicities.

Can you tell me what you’ve learned in your continent?

I learned about Aztec Sandstones, it is named after the Aztec Tank, a lake in the Spring Mountain region of Nevada. I enjoyed it and I learned a lot from it.


I learned about countries in South America, my favorite country is Columbia because of its food and rich culture. I love the touch of Mexican in their food, it is savory with lots of spices.


How can you apply your learning in Borderless World Theme in your daily life? 

I can apply learning in Borderless World Theme by being more understanding with the differences of culture, lifestyle, and belief. I can also use what I have learned to promote peace and bridge the gap of different people all over the world. Thank you!

Upon learning in this theme, it made me realize that even if the world is filled with different culture and beliefs, we can still be one. I can use what I have learned to understand different nationalities that I meet when I travel.

I have learned about preserving my own culture but also welcoming others too. Borderless World opened my eyes to be more inclusive and welcoming to differences and similarities of people all over the world.

If you will be a travel ambassador, how will you invite people to visit your country? 

I will showcase them tourism and rich culture of Oceania. “Haka” is one of those, it is a ceremonial dance from Maori Culture to acknowledge achievements, commemorate or celebrate the existence or death someone. It is very interesting, and it made me want to learn this culture more.

What are the similarities and differences of Thailand from the continent you are representing?

Thailand has rich and spicy food, while India has more herbs and spices, and curry is very popular in that country. Both countries have unique taste and most tourist love to taste Thai and Indian cuisine if they travel.

Based on what I have observed, Thailand raises more domestic animals, however, Africa is rich with wildlife. I have also observed that African Elephant looks different from the Thai Elephant. African elephants have square heads, large ears, and a sway back, while Asian elephants have rounded heads, smaller ears, and a humped back. All this time I thought they are just the same.

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