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Bridging the Gap: Learning Beyond Borders

To be one with the world, one must engage, connect, and explore. Sunflower Trilingual School has once again reached out beyond borders as it hosted the Global Classroom Activity last 13th of December 2022. It has been participated by the schools from China and Taiwan namely Hangzhou Caihe No. 2 Primary School Education Group, Hangzhou Caihe No. 3 Primary School Education Group, The Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of National Taichung University of Education, and the host Sunflower Trilingual School from Taiwan. The students shared their ideas about different innovations from their countries, were able to experience language and culture exchange, and the best part they were able to expand their circle of friends. Indeed, STS, provides learning beyond borders, uses technology at its best, and molds globally competitive students who will excel all over the world.

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