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Celebrating Chatkeaw Kumphon’s Outstanding Achievements in Gymnastics

Updated: May 28

We are thrilled to announce that Chatkeaw Kumphon (Junior) of G.3/3, has made us immensely proud by competing in the 1st JRC Young Stars Gymnastics Competition. Held on the 11th and 12th of May, 2024, at the Chintana Petchkasem 81 Club, this event hosted remarkable talent, and Junior truly stood out.

Junior showcased exceptional skill and dedication, earning an impressive three medals in the 8-9 years age group division. Her remarkable achievements include:

* Gold Medal: Equipment, Freehand Ball, and Scepter

* Gold Medal: Group Ball

* Silver Medal: Group Freehand

Please join us in congratulating Chatkeaw Kumphon on her amazing accomplishments. The STS community is so proud and looks forward to witnessing more of her success in the future.

Way to go, Junior!

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