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Father's Day Celebration

A father is someone you look up to, no matter how tall you grow.

Today, STS students of all ages got to celebrate the role of fathers in their lives with activities that also reminded them of the importance of giving back.

The day started on a high note with a visit from community monks, who led students and staff in prayer to mark the spiritual aspect of Father’s Day. Each class had the opportunity and privilege of showing them respect by extending donations of food and drinks as they walked down the school walkway. This was also a way for our students to show initiative in giving back to their community on this day of celebration.

In the afternoon, our pupils also demonstrated their enthusiasm for their fathers by joining hands in a song and dance number that was presented via videoconferencing to the whole student body. Everybody enjoyed this display of affection from the selected students.

As they go home tonight, we are proud to say our cohorts have once again had a meaningful reflection on an important yearly event that is part of their Thai identity.

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