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Fire Safety is a Priority at STS

A visit from our local fire authorities equipped our students with the skills they need to face fire hazards.

Students were impressed to see our firefighting friends in action today as they demonstrated the use of a fire extinguisher in our school hall. Some of our pupils even had the opportunity to give it a try, testing this lifesaving tool for themselves under the supervision of professionals.

Next, our whole student body took part in a fire drill. As the alarm rang, students quietly left their classrooms and met with their teachers on the football field for a headcount. No one left behind!

Finally, they were treated to an impressive display of expertise as the firemen lit up an actual fire under controlled conditions and proceeded to extinguish it under the fascinated stares of all students.

We are very thankful for the important wisdom provided by our fire department. Our students are now ready to face an emergency situation with calm and preparedness.

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