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Our Memorable Trip to Hangzhou, China

From May 16-20, 2024, ten enthusiastic students from STS had the incredible opportunity to participate in the International Cultural Festival hosted by Greentown Yuhua Qinqin School in Hangzhou, China. This year's festival centered around the theme "Sustainable Development Goals: Vision for Future Urban Sustainable Development". Our students joined peers from Park School in Boston, USA, and Zola School in Madrid, Spain, in a collaborative and enriching exploration of sustainability and cultural exchange.

The festival was a celebration of global cultures and a platform for meaningful discussions on sustainable development. Our delegation from STS showcased a performance that highlighted the rich culture of Thailand. The performance featured traditional dances and music from the four regions of Thailand: North, Northeast, Central, and South.

Beyond the performance, this festival included various interactive sessions. One of the highlights was a round-table forum where our very own PJ participated. Alongside students from the other participating schools, PJ engaged in thoughtful discussions on envisioning a sustainable city. This session provided a platform for students to share innovative ideas, propose solutions, and learn from each other's perspectives on sustainability challenges and opportunities.

While the trip was brief, the experiences and insights were very informative. The International Cultural Festival provided a unique blend of cultural immersion and intellectual growth, leaving a lasting impact on all who participated. We are proud of our students for their outstanding representation of STS and their dedication to learning and cultural exchange.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Greentown Yuhua Qinqin School for hosting such an enlightening and engaging event. Together, we are making strides towards a better, more sustainable world.

Click here for more photos!

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