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Seminar Workshop from Christian University of Thailand

Sunflower Trilingual School is an institution that upholds virtues of respect and appreciation to every individual. It is a safe space to learn and to discover self-awareness which are vital in the growth of everyone.

Today students and teachers of STS participated in a workshop that centers on Sexuality Education and Personal Development for the Prevention of Discrimination and Violence.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all facilitators spearheaded by Dr. Sarah Jane Racal, Dr. Onpicha Ketphan, and Ajarn Bunyaphak Hengnalen of Christian University of Thailand. You have all been so instrumental making this day worthwhile. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise to all of us.

Finally, activities like this are indeed great examples of preparing and honing students’ potentials and cognizance to better survive the realities of this world.

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