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STS High School Field Trip @ NSM

“Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.”

This quote from Bill Gates is featured prominently in the computer exhibit of the IT museum at NSM Thailand. Indeed, our students from Sunflower Trilingual School were invited today to explore the revolutionary potential that lies at the intersection of art and science… and they made the most of it!

NSM Thailand was founded in 1994 to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Queen Sirikit’s birthday celebration. STS students from grades 7, 10, 11, and 12 had the opportunity of visiting both the IT and the Science Museum branches today, as part of their “World of Innovation” thematic learning.

At the IT museum, students learned about all forms of communication, from prehistoric methods to advanced artificial intelligence. They also had a look at the first computer prototypes and learned about the role of information technology in Thailand.

At the Science Museum, students visited exhibits on both basic science and traditional Thai technology. It was a golden opportunity to wonder about the future while learning from the past.

All of us at STS took home an important lesson today: humanity never ceases to innovate, and one is never too young to think outside the box!

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