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STS-MUN goes to NISMUN23!

Following our successful inaugural Model UN Edition last year, our MUN team pursued their journey by attending the first ever Norwich International School Model United Nations Conference.

Delegates got to showcase their speaking and writing skills by debating resolutions on timely topics across a wide range of committees. One of those was DISEC, a lively session that discussed the topic of nuclear disarmament. An accidental bombing of China by Iran caused quite the stir!

Delegates in the WHO committee took part in tense discussions on the topic of safe access to abortion. There were heated debates, but diplomacy prevailed as the committee managed to pass a resolution in the last hour.

Our students in the UNHRC learned a lot about the issue of LGBTQ rights as they drafted successful resolutions. They witnessed passionate speeches from countries such as Saudi Arabia and Canada.

In the end, our delegation had the privilege of once again honing their diplomatic skills while training to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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