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STS Shines Its Light on Global Innovation!

In the wise words of Steve Jobs, “innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity - not a threat.”

At STS, our students are no strangers to embracing change and progress, and they proved their creativity once again as the school showcased the work produced during our third thematic learning project of the year: World of Innovation.

This year, students explored various facets of innovation, including transportation, healthcare, products and services, sustainability, communications, infrastructure, and more! These were covered with a wide array of projects that put our students’ innovative flair to the test. Grade 8 students, for instance, produced an organic toothpaste made of earthy ingredients and packaged in a recycled tube, a standout product that many will probably want to get their hands on in the future! There was no shortage of creative output: other grade levels notably produced riveting podcasts for their peers and smart city models that are sure to inspire generations of engineers in the making.

To present their work, each grade produced a video that was presented to the rest of the student body. Grade 1 students were seen boarding a spaceship as they discussed the future of transportation, discovering the power of visual effects in the process. Grade 9 presented a best-of reel showing the best infrastructure pictures taken during their Exploring Bangkok contests, a reminder of the best architecture has to offer in our thriving metropolis.

Clips were introduced by our fierce trilingual MCs, with performances by our own STS dance crew under the supervision of Kru Ja to entertain the crowd. The award-winning choreographies performed by our talented students definitely did not disappoint!

Another highlight was the awarding ceremony for our students who took part in the International Math Challenge (IMC). STS proudly took home prizes in the bronze, silver, and (for the first time this year) gold categories! Congratulations to all of our participants who made STS shine bright internationally. Mathematics are a crucial part of innovation, and we’re happy to know mathematical minds abound at our school.

The culminating activity closed off with game booths prepared by higher secondary students to challenge the minds of their younger peers. This included a student-made maze-raider program made using Scratch, with its own maze-generating algorithm!

A big round of applause for our Mathematics teachers who expertly sponsored this very successful event. Here’s to another year of innovation at STS!

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