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Sunflower Trilingual School Hosts Dhamma Camp for Students

On September 14 and 15, Sunflower Trilingual School held a two-day Dhamma camp for its students at the school campus. The aim of the camp was to teach students the principles of Dhamma and how to apply them in their daily lives. The camp also included meditation sessions and fun activities to enhance students' learning and concentration skills.

The camp was divided into two groups: one for students in grades G.1-6 on Thursday, September 14, and another for students in grades G.7-12 on Friday, September 15. Each group participated in various activities such as chanting, listening to Dhamma talks, practicing mindfulness, playing games, and making merit. The students also had a chance to interact with the monks and ask them questions about Dhamma.

The camp was a great success and the students enjoyed it very much. They learned valuable lessons about Dhamma and how to live a happy and peaceful life. They also developed their intelligence and creativity through the activities and games. The school would like to thank the monks and the teachers who organized and facilitated the camp. We hope that the students will continue to practice Dhamma and meditation in their daily lives.

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