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World of Innovation Culminating Activity 2022

It is often said that innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity. At Sunflower Trilingual School, we are proud to encourage our students to seize this opportunity with every chance they get. This is perhaps best reflected with our yearly “World of Innovation” thematic learning.

One thing that sets our curriculum apart is our desire to foster comprehensive critical thinking by incorporating themes in our teachings that connect all disciplines together. We strongly believe our pupils must know that the skills they learn are not limited to a single subject — they all contribute towards the goal of helping them become the best citizens of the world they can be.

Over the past two months, our students have been integrating the “World of Innovation” theme through six different sub-themes: innovation for transportation, advancement on goods and services, innovation of industry, healthcare innovation, advancement for communication, and innovation for sustainability.

Today was their chance to present their projects to both parents and fellow students as part of our culminating activity. These one-of-a-kind showcase events are always eagerly anticipated here at STS, and this one was no exception!

Amongst the featured integration outputs, students could find models of traffic light systems made as part of their Clubs for Careers classes. The communication sub-theme included a timeline of telecommunication devices made in connection with both their science and history classes, as well as a mock news report session via green screen realized with their computer science teachers. Students also got to explore Thai vocabulary connected to sustainability, and mathematical surveys on the use of electric cars. All subjects really came together to give them a clearer picture of the innovative world they are living in.

Students were thrilled to see their outputs featured as a reflection of the hard work they have done. Now that this chapter has closed, they are ready to take on their next thematic learning challenge: Borderless World!

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