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To enhance the youths' quality regarding maturity and balance of physical, intellectual, emotional, and social aspects.

The learners will meet international standards and able to adjust themselves to unavoidable changes along with the progress of technology.


Develop activity-based learning with the Natural Approach teaching method and according to the development of individual identities.

The learners can learn freely from their capabilities and individual interest but based on the same quality standards.

They will thus be empowered to seek further knowledge for continuous lifelong self-development.



  • Students are good citizens, have intelligence and can live happily in society.

  • Students preserve Thai-ness, meet international standards, have life skills, and use resources/environments on the basis of Sufficient Economy Philosophy.

  • Students realize the change and the development of technologies and adapt appropriately in their daily life.

  • Students can communicate and search for knowledge in three languages.

  • Teachers have knowledge and capabilities of teaching methods and create an effective learning environment with the learner-centered approach.

  • School Management System is efficiency.

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