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  • Sunflower Trilingual School aims to be a community learning center that develops learners to be mature people who possess desirable characteristics such as virtues, intelligence and life skills.  

  • Learners shall be able to communicate in three languages, have social responsibilities and cherish Thai qualities.  

  • All teachers of Sunflower Trilingual School are qualified instructors and will strive to facilitate learners’ success in the global community.



  • Strive to develop the knowledge, capabilities, and morality of learners to be mature citizens.

  • Develop and encourage English and Chinese language skills.

  • Create a student-centered environment which motivates students in stimulating activities.

  • Develop creativity and decision-making skills and encourage advanced thinking.

  • Support all teachers to perform effectively in accordance with their qualification and aptitude.

  • Emphasize the use of resources, environments and technological media.

  • Reinforce awareness and cooperation between family and school.

  • Be a beneficial learning center of the community and promote local wisdom.

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