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Sunflower Trilingual School aims to be a community learning center that develops learners to be mature people who possess desirable characteristics of 21st Century learners such as virtues, intelligence, life skills.  


Learners shall be able to communicate in three languages, have social responsibilities and cherish Thai qualities.  


All teachers of Sunflower Trilingual School will be developed to be qualified instructors and strive to create learners’ success towards the world community.



  • Strive to develop the knowledge, capabilities, and morality of learners to be a mature person.

  • Develop and encourage the skills of using English and Chinese languages.

  • Create a stimulating learning environment, motivation, and activities that emphasize on learners.

  • Develop creative thinking and decision making of learners, and encourage the advanced stage of thinking skills.

  • Develop all teachers to perform effectively in accordance with their qualification and aptitude.

  • Develop and support the valuable use of resources, environments and technological media

  • Reinforce awareness and cooperation between family and school.

  • Be beneficial to school for being a learning center of the community and local Wisdom.

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