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Grade 6

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Hello 6th Grade Students! Welcome to your online English class, take a look at the video explaining all the exciting things that we will be doing this semester.

We are going to use Google Classroom for assignments, video lessons and other fun activities!

Join the 6th Grade English class with this code: ll7xgzs

If you have any questions you can chat to me on line: sabinestubenvoll

I can't wait to start our online lessons!

Stay safe,

Teacher Sabina


Hi everyone!

Welcome to your first online English lesson! In this lesson we are going to learn how to use Google Classroom and how to complete an assignment in Google Classroom.

1. Watch the video called "How to use Google Classroom (Grade 6)"

2. Join our Google Classroom with the code: ll7xgzs

3. Try your best to complete the "All About Me Quiz" !

Have fun!

Teacher Sabina


Hi students!

Please visit our Google Classroom (Code: ll7xgzs ) to see the new activity that I have posted!

This week we are going to be trying The Flat Teacher Adventure Project!

Head to our Google Classroom to find out more ... 😁

Have fun!

Teacher Sabina


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