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Grade 8

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Hello Students!

Welcome to our new STS E-Learning platform where we will be sharing all the lesson materials, resources & ideas. I have many exciting lessons planned for EFC this semester for all of you to look forward to.

The google classroom code is: fzgw4lt

For now, please watch my introduction video & I look forward to seeing you online very soon.

Kind regards

Teacher Luke

Hello grade 8 students!

Below is your first online EFC lesson.

Please watch the video for the instructions on how to complete the activities.

We will be discussing what you have been doing to keep yourself busy at home, the things you miss about regular life and your opinions on online learning.

Good luck and i look forward to reading your responses.

Teacher Luke


Hello grade 8 students!

Please head over to our EFC google classroom, your new activity awaits you!

I look forward to hearing about all your adventures and experiences during this "New Normal"!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message or leave a comment.

Good luck & have fun!!

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