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Grade 10

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Hi students! Welcome to our new learning platform. I am Teacher Kris and I'll be your Grammar Teacher for this semester. I hope that you are safe in the comfort of your homes. I know that we are all eager and excited to learn and start our school year, so to get going you can watch the video below to have an overview of our lessons this semester. Let's learn together and be productive amidst this pandemic.

Please join our google classroom with the code "3gyr237"

Stay healthy and keep safe!


T. Kris


Hi students! This is our first online lesson.

In this lesson we are going to learn somE interviewing tips and write essays about Covid-19. For the the instructions.

  1. Watch the video below.

  2. Join our google classroom with the code: 3gyr237

  3. The worksheet and powerpoint are all uploaded in your google classroom.

  4. Please follow the instructions stated there.

For questions just send a message in my line.

Teacher Kris

line id: ninasirk

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