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Grade 3

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Hi dear Grade 3 students! How are you? Welcome to our online class. For this semester we will be learning a lot of tips on how to take good care of our body. For the meantime, we will be using Seesaw app for our learning materials and activities activities using the code below. You can contact me through my email :, line ID: novzkie012183.

Stay happy and safe. See you soon.

Best regards,

Novena Antong

Please visit our seesaw app using code below. week 1 code: OANA BPBM. week 2 code: USIV YEQB ( expires May 29)

Week 3:BEFA UXDH ( expires June 11)

week 4 code: TVSR PHMQ (expires June 19)

week 6 code: IHTK LSYI ( expires June 29)

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