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Grade 8

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Dear 8 - graders. Do you still remember me ? Here's your Science teacher, Shipra. As per the present situation, we will begin this new session through online classes @ Google Classroom (your science code is fusjuwl) We are aware that subject Science has a theory part as well as experimental (STEM), where we will be making hypothesis and testing it. I welcome you all to the world of Science, stay tuned and enjoy learning from home. Good Luck ! 😊

Hello all.

By using simple materials easily available, we can build this cash counter setup in order to encourage social distancing (as per COVID -19 guidelines) . See if you can make one for yourself !

Also you should login to Google Classroom (Science) using the code provided. Follow the instructions there , get your assignments and submit them back to me.

Silence, haha😁

Science Go Online

Updated on 22/05/2020 :

Dear students, check out your Google Classroom for the fun filled activity of week 2 titled "My Magical Kettle".

Enjoy your extended home stay and keep learning ...

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