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Grade 9

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Dear 9 - graders, the wise thinkers.

Last year was a pleasant experience with you all, and to enhance this I, Shipra, am here once more to assist you with subject Science.

As per the present situation, we will begin this new session through online classes @ Google Classroom (your science code is 35frqep ) We are aware that subject Science has a theory part as well as experimental (STEM), where we will be making hypothesis and testing it. I welcome you all to the world of Science, stay tuned and enjoy learning from home.

Good Luck ! 😊

Dear students,

Try this out, its fun ! With the help of magnets (we learnt in G8) we can demonstrate the initial entry of the virus into human cells, where spike protein on virus and the ACE 2 receptors on human cell play significant roles.

Till we meet again, stay tuned on Google classroom, and follow the instructions there, cheers😁

Science Go Online

Updated on 22/05/2020

Dear students, check out your Google Classroom for the fun filled activity of week 2 titled "My Magical Kettle".

Enjoy your extended home stay and keep learning ......

Thanyaboon Boonkoed

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