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Civil Engineers in the Making at STS!

As a capstone project for their physics class, our Science & Math students took on the classic challenge of building a bridge out of craft sticks! This rite-of-passage project has tested the engineering skills of many a student before, and our young physicists certainly accepted the task with many ideas in mind.

To stimulate them even more, the challenge was presented as a contest between the Grade 10s and the Grade 11s. Both groups gave it their all to win the coveted title of strongest bridge at Sunflower!

The Grade 10 students opted for a colorful Da Vinci self-sustaining bridge model, with trusses interlocked for maximal support. Their output outdid the goal of 20kg, safely reaching a load of 35kg without breaking!

The Grade 11 students put together a triangular trusses model that reached the goal of 20kg, but cracked at 30kg. They can still be very proud of their work!

The bridges were tested using 1kg sandbags that were added one by one to a toolbox supported by a chain right at the midpoint of the bridges.

Once again, congratulations to all of our future engineers!

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